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Christmas Masses 2018


Monday Dec 24th 2018

Sacred Heart  Church-Patong                4.00  p.m.            English
Our Lady of the Assumption Church      7.00  p.m.            Thai
Sacred Heart  Church-Patong                7.00  p.m.            English
Sacred Heart  Church-Patong               11.30  p.m.      Italian


Tuesday Dec 25th 2018

Our Lady of the Assumption Church      9.00  a.m.           Thai
Our Lady of the Assumption Church     11.00 a.m.           English
Sacred Heart  Church-Patong                  1.30 p.m.           Thai
Sacred Heart  Church-Patong                  5.00 p.m.           English
Sacred Heart  Church-Patong               6.30 p.m.           Italian


Masses Schedule I

  * Sunday Masses at


               In Thai 9.00 a.m. English  10.30 a.m.

      Since December 2, 2018 English  Mass  11.00 a.m.


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Church in town Map

Masses Schedule II

SACRED HEART Church -Patong 


 Sirirat Rd – Manisi Lane 9/8 behind the Family Mart on the road across from Simon Cabaret.  

               SaturdayEnglish Mass    5.00 p.m.
               Sunday : Thai Mass 1.30 p.m. 
                               English Mass 3.00 p.m.
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St. Joseph's Church


 Contact Fr.Pipat  081-813-3669


Monday-Friday      English Mass      7 a.m.

Saturday                English Mass      6.30 p.m.

Sunday                   English Mass     9.00  a.m.

                                               &     11.00 a.m.


Church at Patong Map




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