• Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, we thank you for your love for humankind.
  • Your heart is the symbol of the infinite love of the Trinity for us.
  • Open once again, the wound of your Heart in order to cure all our physical and spiritual infirmities.
  • You have promised that, where your image is exposed and venerated you would bless those family and persons, preserving them, from sins and eternal death.
  • Now, in many countries, there is the exploitation of children and the marginalized. Adults who do not love each others and their children as you taught us.
  • O Sacred Heart, rich in mercy, give us the grace to open the door of our hearts when you knock so that we may become one with you.
  • Come into our hearts and make us a beacon of your love.
  • Give us peace and mutual respect so that we can form a community founded on justice, peace, joy and love.
  • Oh merciful Heart of Jesus, forgive all our sins and make us as instrument of your love in this world so that, after death, we can enjoy your love in eternal life.


                 PRAYER  TO  SAINT  JOSEPH

  • Holy Trinity, we praise and thank you  because from the eternity you have chosen Saint Joseph as the father of Jesus and the real spouse of the Virgin Mary.
  • You, Saint Joseph, patron of the universal Church, in your silent and humble hearts, have accepted your mission for the fulfillment of the history of salvation for all mankind.
  • You lived in fidelity of family love with your Spouse, Mary.
  • You taught Jesus, respect the teachings of the law of the Old Testament. You taught Jesus the dignity of work and how to live in society doing his daily religious and civic duty.
  • In our world, there are many injustice and difficulties caused by wrong teachings and bad examples. Saint Joseph, exercise your heavenly power and teach us how to form a very holy family that is the foundation of a healthy society.
  • Teach the youth, as you did with Jesus, not to destroy their lives with vices and lust. Help them use their creativity and vitality to improve their dignity and prepare themselves to be witness of Jesus Christ.
  • St. Joseph patrons of the good death open the door of heaven to us your children so we may enjoy eternal life.




  • We thank you  Lord for giving us Saint Gaspar Bertoni, who from his childhood developed a very deep devotion for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Five Wounds and the Immaculate Hart of Mary and Saint Joseph.
  • May he teaches us also to understand and to practice these devotions in order to be transformed into the real image of Jesus Christ.
  • Saint Gaspar, after your ordination as priest, you chose the Eucharist and the Bible as your daily sustenance, receiving from them, the strength to accept with faith your many sufferings, making you the missionary of the youth, a counselor full of the Holy Spirit, the father of the poor, inspired preacher and the saviour to many sinners.
  • Saint Gaspar you have indicated that the unconditional, single mindedness, total and eternal love of the Holy Spouses for God, is the model for the religious and marital life also.
  • Help spouses to model their marital lives on the Holy Spouses.
  • Saint Gaspar Bertoni, give us also a deep and real spirit of prayer so that we can be filled with the spirit of God. Accept with profit our sufferings. Help us to live faithfully our Christian life. Show us the way to become missionaries of our society and after the hour of our death lead us to heaven to enjoy the eternal love of God.



  • Oh Lord our Father, we thank you for Your love for us.
  • Today once again, we wish to renew our marriage vows and our commitment to serve God.
  • Holy Mary and Joseph, we ask You to protect our marriage and to renew our love every day.
  • May we be kind to each other with an understanding smile and

         heartfelt forgiveness.

  • May we live our marital life with a single-mind-ness in total and eternal love.
  • May we respect life from conception to the natural end
  • May we be a good example in society and cooperative in the formation of our children.
  • May we be faithful to our daily meditation of the Bible, pray with our family and practice our Sunday duty.
  • Should poverty, sickness, misunderstandings become part of our daily lives, may we accept all these sufferings with a spirit of faith and humility.
  • When death separates us from our loved one, help the bereaved ones to accept serenely the will of God.
  • Finally we ask You, Holy Espouses, to help us to carry on until the end, faithful to our marital love and to prepare ourselves to enjoy God’s eternal love in Heaven.   Amen



  • O Lord, You are invisible spirit, but you have manifested your existence and love for us through the creation of the Angels, the universe, and all beings.
  • Through the Angels, pure spirit, You have taught us eternal truths and especially how to use our freedom to choose good not evil, like Lucifer.
  • Through Your Angels You have indicated to the Patriarchs, Kings and Prophets the right path that each person must follow in order to reach You.
  • Michael has taught us how to fight against any kind of physical or moral evil.
  • Rafael has indicated how to be cured from any kind of physical or spiritual illness.
  • Gabriel has revealed Your plan of universal salvation. He also asked the cooperation of the Virgin Mary, door of Heaven, of St. Joseph patron of the universal Church and of each one of us, according to our vocation.
  • The Angels have taught St. Joseph how to be the real husband of Mary and be the attentive father of Jesus Christ.
  • O Lord through the Guardian Angels, You manifest Your fatherly care and love for each person, group, country and especially for Your Church.
  • At the end of our physical life Your Angels will take our body and soul to Your presence for our eternal destination in accordance to our actions.
  • O Lord, we wish to join with the choir of Your Angels for praising and thanking You for Your infinite love for us.


Prayer to Jesus in the Eucharist
The Word was made flesh.   Jn. 1.14

  • Very simple words that revel the infinite love of the Trinity Who, from eternity, have thought that they, the Trinity come and live in the hearts of the children.
  • In the Old Testament many times, You, O Lord have tried to prepare the people to accept and believe in the Eucharist.
  • With Your Apostles and disciples you have manifested clearly Your plan of love.
  • Before leaving this world, You gave us forever, Your living, Body and Blood under the species of bread and wine.
  • You gave us the Eucharist and commanded your ministers to celebrate the gift of Your Body and Blood because You want to live in us and transform us in You.
  • Unfortunately many doubts and heresies have tried to make us unbelievers of your presence and look upon adoring You as useless.
  • But You, Father and Brother, through Your many wonderful miracles have proved that You are really there in the Consecrated Species.
  • Your love for us has preserved Your Sacred Wounds in heaven, but You wanted that Your Suffering Heart be present and alive in the Eucharist also.
  • Father, forgive our weak and poor faith. Forgive the many profanities committed against Your Sublime Sacrament.
  • Help the Pope, Bishops, Priests and Christians to understand, to worship and to love this mystery, not alone in their words but in their very holy lives.
  • O Lord, through the intercession of Your Holy Virgin Mother, the first living tabernacle, we beg You, to make our faith strong, firm and joyful, so that we will be able to live in Your eternal communion in heaven.


Prayer to the Holy Spouses Mary and Joseph
For all couples regardless of religious beliefs

  • Lord, Father of all humanity, we entrust all couples who are living in all forms of marriage to Your care.
  • Holy Spouses, Mary and Joseph, indicate and show all couples of the world (…..) how to live their marital love with justice.
  • Teach to all couples (…..) the importance of silence and to resolve their problems with an understanding smile and heartfelt forgiveness.
  • Help all couples (…..) to understand the value of marital chastity, that they may donate and share with each other reciprocal fidelity.
  • Convince all peoples  (…..) not to make unnatural unions, not to use unnatural methods in their relationship with each other.
  • Help all people to respect life from conception to the natural end.
  • Enlighten all couples (…..) to be good examples in society and cooperate in the formation of their children.
  • Inspire all couples (…..) to seek the true God and accept the gift of faith in Him.
  • Holy spouses teach all couples (….) during poverty, sickness, misunderstanding in their marital life, that their sufferings are signs of God’s presence knocking at the door of their heart.
  • Holy Spouses when death separates these couples, assist the bereaved one to ask the Merciful God to forgive all their sins and enter into eternal life.
  • Finally, we ask you, Holy Spouses, to help all couples (…..) to understand the meaning of marital life and to prepare enjoy eternal love in Heaven.   Amen.

       (Indicate the names of the couples for whom this prayer is being offered (…..).

Prayer to the Virgin Mary Mother of God


  • O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, we consecrate ourselves to you.
  • Biblical writers, poets and artists have exalted You in many different forms. Your title of Mother is the most appropriate title of all.
  • Mother of God and Mother of us all, we invoke You, to assist us in our spiritual and physical necessities.
  •  You know before we even pray what our difficulties are. You are always ready to help us. Sometimes our sins impedes Your blessing to us.
  • Immaculate and Virgin Mother give us hope; take way from our hearts everything that is not according to the will of God.
  • Give us faith, humility, chastity and love so we can serve and love God and our neighbour as You did.
  • Mother and Faithful Spouse, console your suffering children. Reconcile the divided families.
  • Touch the hearts of the young to believe and to worship Your Son Jesus Christ.
  • Protect all the people around the world, so that they can live honestly according to their faith.
  • Inspire all persons with authority to promote peace and rule with wisdom and justice.
  • Mother Assumed into Heaven we entrust to you the last moments of our lives. Help us repent of our sins so that we can be with You and the Trinity in eternal life.