All our current and past activities, have their  roots in the  teaching of Jesus and in the examples of our founder St. Gaspar Bertoni. That is : spiritual help to the people through apostolate in the churches,schools,Marian Oratories.

Physical help : giving food,clothes,medicines,reparing houses,starting activities which could help families survive.

We have many churches in the five provincies that the Bishop entrusted to the Stigmatines. We also have 2000 pupils attending our schools in Phuket,Ranong and Trang.The Stigmatines are also present in the diocese of Korat where we take care of many villages and in the diocese of Ratbury where we have a parish church and our noviciate. But the heart of our congregation is in Sampran (Nakon Patong)  where we have our seminary which has formed all our Thai priests who now have all the responsabilities as provincial,community superios,parish priests,headmasters in the schools.In our congregation we also have Brothers who can do many  activities according their preparation and possibilities as catechists,stewards,assistants to the youths and teaching in the schools.

All the activities of both the priests and brothers are important but we give priority to evangelization,schools and the poor.



 We do everything according the program of the diocese where we are working but especially Bible catechesis, following St. Gaspar’s examples.

In order to facilitate the comprehension of the Sunday readings we may use pictures which summarize and make visible the main edeas of the readings. Also, for the catechesis for children and adults, we use paintings which progressively help the people to proceed from the Old Testament to the New and after that to be immersed in the life of Jesus Christ through the Sacraments.



In almost all our  communities we have well  renowuned schools which take care of pupils from the age of three until university. We follow all the state programs but we have also courses for lenguages,computers, sport, band, and swimming.

All our schools have received important rewards from the civil and religious auctorities.


POOR (Go Top)

With this short word we want to include all those activities that have been started and recommended to us by St.Gaspar Bertoni whitout distinction of religion, nationality or gender.

The charitable work became a real priority especially

after the tsunami .The priests of our community in Phuket raced to nerse the wounded persons or to be interpreters or to recover the bodies. After the tsunami our charitable activity went on especially whit the poor families in the villages,whit children in need of clothes,people in need of transportation and the  sick and injured.

  Every week we give food to 35 families in different villages and 30 children in different schools. But we give particular attention to  the helderly,orphans,emigrants and tourists.

   In Ranong we have a special school for 300 Burmese children who cannot go to the public schools.

Where is possible we open social centers  which St. Gaspar called Marian Oratories. For example in Phakom (Trang) and Pha Maprao in Phuket,we have opened these to assist the children in the villages .

 In Pha Maprao, every day many children come to play, to learn how to use computers,to stady English with volunteers from Prince of Sonkla university.

We can carry out all these activities thaks to the help that we receive from parishioners as well as visitors or benefactors from abroad.

Jesus told us to go and to teach. Our Founder call us missionaries for helping the Bishops. As we can see from these few lines the spirit of Jesus  and St. Gaspar is still alive in all the Stigmatines.

And we hope that this spirit can go on forever in order to help many persons in the future.

If anyone want to know more about our  actvities or to help the poor you can conctact me through e-mail   ronconi.css@gmail.com

Or by phone mobile 0899129899.