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2017_Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  2017_Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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01 October 2017

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reading 1 - EZEKIEL                   EZ 18: 25-28

Thus says the Lord:

You say, "The Lord's way is not fair!"
Hear now, house of Israel:
Is it My way that is unfair, or rather, are not your ways unfair?
When someone virtuous turns away from virtue to commit iniquity, and dies, it is because of the iniquity he committed that he must die. But if he turns from the wickedness he has committed,
he does what is right and just, he shall preserve his life;
since he has turned away from all the sins that he has committed,
he shall surely live, he shall not die.

Responsorial Psalm              PS 25:4-5, 6-7, 8-9

R. Let all we praise Lord Jesus, our God; forgiving brothers and obey the Lord.

Your ways, O Lord, make known to me;
teach me Your paths,
guide me in Your truth and teach me,
for You are God my savior.

R. Let all we praise Lord Jesus, our God; forgiving brothers and obey the Lord.

Remember that Your compassion, O Lord,
and Your love are from of old.
The sins of my youth and my frailties remember not;
in Your kindness remember me,
because of Your goodness, O Lord.

R. Let all we praise Lord Jesus, our God, forgiving brothers and obey the Lord.

Good and upright is the Lord;
thus He shows sinners the way.
He guides the humble to justice, 
and teaches the humble His way.

R. Let all we praise Lord Jesus, our God; forgiving brothers and obey the Lord.

Reading 2 - PHILIPPIANS          pHIL 2: 1-5


Brothers and sisters:

If there is any encouragement in Christ,
any solace in love, any participation in the Spirit,
any compassion and mercy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, with the same love, united in heart, thinking one thing.
Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory;
rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves,
each looking out not for his own interests,
but also for those of others.

Have in you the same attitude
that is also in Christ Jesus.


R. Alleluia, alleluia.

If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. And My Father will love him. And we shall come to Him.

R. Alleluia, alleluia.

Gospel - MATTHEW                    MT 21:28-32

Jesus said to the chief priests and elders of the people:

"What is your opinion?
A man had two sons.
He came to the first and said,
'Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.'
He said in reply, 'I will not, '
but afterwards changed his mind and went.
The man came to the other son and gave the same order.
He said in reply, 'Yes, sir, 'but did not go.
Which of the two did his father's will?"
They answered, "The first."
Jesus said to them, "Amen, I say to you,
tax collectors and prostitutes
are entering the kingdom of God before you.
When John came to you in the way of righteousness,
you did not believe him;
but tax collectors and prostitutes did.
Yet even when you saw that,
you did not later change your minds and believe him."




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